Seventh Fire Records is a music company that has grown organically; born from a dream with a fiercely independent ethos.

Our name comes from an ancient Anishinaabe prophecy which tells of seven spiritual and cultural phases (or “fires”) of the Native North American peoples. The prophecy warned of a movement toward materialism, at the cost of spirituality, which would cause the earth to be poisoned and the “waters turned bitter by disrespect”. However, the time of the Seventh Fire was said to bring the emergence of a new people who would “retrace their steps to find what was left by the trail”, and that if they remained strong in their quest, there would be a “rekindling of old flames”. This merging of past wisdom with respectful new momentum is at the heart of our philosophy at Seventh Fire Records.

The label was formed in 2011 with an aim to promote Canada’s emerging musicians who exhibited a like-minded respect for the sounds that came before them, and the strength of character to propel that musical heritage forward. We built a studio in a century old schoolhouse and filled it with as much vintage analog gear as we could. We began releasing the majority of our records on 7″ vinyl because of that particular medium’s unique sound quality, as well as its romantic history of musical revolution (rock and roll, reggae, punk etc).


Our human-of-action / do-it-yourself approach started to permeate every aspect of the company, and soon we were duplicating our own promotional CDs and DVDs. It wasn’t long before word spread of our in-house indie manufacturing ways, and we began helping local artists and businesses with their duplication and packaging needs. As our number of label releases grew, so too did our love and expertise of that particular stage in the record making process.

As an artist run company, we understand how much love and care go into every stage of the creative process. Whether we are helping with the recording, manufacturing, release, or distribution of a project, our goal remains the same: to help make well fashioned, excellent sounding records!