The Spades | Subatomic


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Side A:
Tear It Apart
Endless Dream
Can’t Sleep
Standing In The Sun
Ghosts In The Machine

Side B:
The Revenge of Johnny Laundry
The Only One
Young Black Colts
1,000 Leagues
Stanley Kubrick

Recorded at the Bathouse with Gord Sinclair (The Tragically Hip) producing, “Subatomic” captures the essence of what the The Spades do best; gut wrenching rock and roll, catchy melodies and impassioned delivery. A tour with Gordie Johnson (Big Sugar/Grady) led to Gordie mixing the album in Texas and sending the tracks to Howie Weinberg in New York for mastering. Subatomic features the single, “The Revenge of Johnny Laundry” which charted in the top 40 on rock radio across the country.